Hello, I'm Kristine! However, some tend to call me Tin Tin or Kstine—take your pick 😊.

I am currently a Product Designer at Coursera working on the Flex (future learning experience) team to provide seamless education experiences worldwide. I was previously a Mobile Product Designer at Evernote, focused on designing core features for the Android client (and dabbled into Blackberry as well 🙃). Take a peek at my full résumé.


I adore muted colors, collecting home decor, kind & funny people

I can't live without caffeine, spicy food, candles, soft blankets

I tend to hype up anything I love, share ridiculous puns, think organizing + cleaning is therapeutic

In my spare time I teach old folks how to use technology, travel to places recommended by friends 

Moments In Time

@kstinele on instagram

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